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Frequently Asked Questions
How Long does it take to clean?

For Residential carpet cleaning, typically one room takes about 20 minutes give or take. Furniture can also take about 20 minutes for each item.

How Long does carpet take to dry?

With our Truck Mount System 90 percent of the water is extracted and although drying time can vary your carpet will be dry in just a few hours.

What do you move?

We will move basic furniture items such as sofas, end tables etc. anything fragile, glass, electronic or furniture that has contents on top or inside we will work around. We do not move dressers with mirrors attached, bed frames with attached headboards (unless on rollers), Sectionals that are joined together, appliances or large items over 75 pounds. Moved items will have pads or blocks placed under them to protect your carpet from furniture stains. These protectors should be left for 24-48 hours before removal.

What do you consider an area or room?

Any area 15x20 or less will be considered a room. Combination rooms may count as more than one room as well as basements. We don't charge you for every square inch or make you go around with a tape measure. Our prices are based on a flat rate. 

I have a lot of furniture I don't want moved do you clean traffic areas only?

Yes! We like to be as fair as possible and will make allowances for rooms with small traffic areas not charging you for a full room.

Do I need to vacuum?

Our equipment is 5 times more powerful than a vacuum cleaner so typically this is not needed. However if you have a lot of debris on the floor or you have pets that shed and there is an abundance of hair we recommend pre vacuuming. We encourage our customers to vacuum after the carpet has dried as a final step.

What about closets?

We feel that a closet is part of the room and will never charge you for a closet and that includes walk-ins. We don't like to nickel and dime our customers.

​Do you offer Commercial carpet cleaning?

We do, on a case by case basis. Our focus though is on our residential customers. Commercial carpet cleaning is measured by the square foot. Call us for the current rates.

Can I walk on it after cleaning?

Yes, you can. No outside shoes should be worn to avoid tracking dirt back on the carpet and extra care should be taken to avoid slipping. 

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, or cash.

What do I need to do to prepare?

If you like, you may pre-vacuum. The removal of knick knacks, toys, or misc items is recommended. If you plan to move furniture yourself we ask that you move it out of the room, as pulling furniture away from the walls creates a challenge and we want to be able to pretreat your traffic areas first. We also ask that you leave us a parking space as close to the entry as possible because we will be running hoses from our truck into your home. Pets and children should be kept comfortable and away from the rooms as they are being cleaned.

Are your cleaning products safe for my family and pets?

Absolutely! We have to work with these products every day and we use them to clean or own homes. If they weren't safe we wouldn't use them.

Will my carpets get dirty faster after cleaning?

With our method, we use the finest cleaning detergent available. Some cleaners leave a sticky residue which leads to this very common problem. Also our equipment rinses out the detergent leaving only clean carpet behind.

What about stains? Do you spot clean?

We pretreat spots and spot clean as needed however a variety of stains may be permanent such as food or cosmetic dyes. We cannot guarantee the removal of all stains.

How do you clean the carpet?

This is an excellent question as there are so many methods out there. Our method is recommended by carpet manufactures. Steam Cleaning, as it is commonly called, is "Hot Water Extraction". We pre treat your traffic areas by spraying a light detergent and then we proceed to use a tool, called a wand, to extract soil using water and detergent that is heated over 200 degrees. Between the pressure, heat, and vacuum power of our equipment you get a thorough, sanitized carpet.

Do you clean other things like Upholstery?

Yes, we clean a variety of furniture items that are "wet cleanable". Some furniture is dry clean only, as usually indicated on the tag, we do not offer dry cleaning at this time. We also clean vehicles, boats, Rv's and similar recreational vehicles on site.

What is your availbility like?

Our schedule gets busier in the spring so allow for more lead time during April and May. Other times may vary. We recommend scheduling at least a week ahead of time if there is a particular day you require.

Why are your prices lower or higher than others?

In most cases Fastclean's prices are less than larger competitors however a few factors may contribute to price differences. For example, our prices may be lower than larger companies because we are a family business and do not have secretaries and other staff, we answer our own phones for that personal touch. We watch for prices and adjust our specials accordingly to give you the best value.
However, companies that offer lower pricing may be using different methods than ours such as less effective portable equipment or someone doing side jobs. Also, beware of those too-good-to-be-true coupons. There is a lot of bait and switch out there where you get one price and when the crew gets to your home you are charged more. 

Do you have any hidden fees?

Never. We strongly dislike any practice where you are up-sold or not informed about any other costs ahead of time.

What is your guarantee?

When our technician arrives your specific carpet analysis will be done with you after a walk through of the home. We will give you an approximation of how your carpet should turn out based on wear, permanent stains and other factors. Should a concern arrives you have 10 days to contact us so we can address the problem. We want satisfied customers above all else.

Should I clean my carpet when the weather is...?

​While most customers like to clean in the spring any weather is a good time to clean if your carpet needs it. If there is a lot of snow on the ground special care should be taken not to track in on your carpet. During the winter months if there is severe freezing we may elect to reschedule due to the fact we have water on our truck to avoid freezing. During days of extreme heat in the summer we recommend running your air conditioning while the technician is there because with the steam and heat it can be very hot. It also helps drying time to have some air flow on the carpet.

How often should I clean my carpet?

Everyone is different but we have customers that go anywhere from 6 months to 18 months, which is the recommended interval for keeping your carpet looking good and avoiding premature wear patterns.

My carpet has ripples in it or developed ripples after cleaning, why?

Carpet that is loose or was not properly stretched during installation can ripple. Typically once the carpet dries it will return to it's previous state however this is an indication your carpet needs to be re-stretched.

Why is your website but your company name is Fastclean?

We operate two websites. One is and that was our first website. When we moved to Naperville we wanted to reach 
customers in our new service area with a website that was easy to remember and would be found in the search engines and promote that we were truly a local company. We have noticed lately a lot of carpet cleaning companies are now using Naperville as part of their website domain name with different variations. We aren't affiliated with any of them. We have had this website name close to 10 years now.  

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